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• Saturday - August 21st
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Estimate Range: $250 - $350
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Colonial Period Goldsmith / Silversmith Chasing Hammer

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c. 1780 Colonial Period to Revolutionary War Era, Brass Head, Goldsmith / Silversmith Chasing Hammer to shape and form objects such as cups, goblets, spoons and jewelry, Choice Extremely Fine.

This original, exceptional quality highly detailed Chasing Hammer measures about 9.25” long x 2.25” wide x 1” thick. It has an egg shaped, turned wooden handle with a long, thin stem. These specialized “Chasing” hammers were used by Goldsmiths and Silversmiths to shape and form objects such as cups, goblets, spoons and jewelry. Much larger examples were used by the French to produce the Statue of Liberty. This type of hammer has been used since ancient times.
A Chasing Hammer looks a little different from your usual hammer and is sometimes referred to as a repousse hammer. The handle is built in a specific way - with a thin handle that migrates down to a thicker end, the handle is meant to give you balance. That way, when you hammer with some force you can balance it and strike down without causing it to tilt or slip. The chasing hammer also features a slightly domed face and a ball pein on the other side. This means that your chasing hammer can be used to form metal into complex relief designs.
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Estimate Range: $250 - $350
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