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Manuscript Document Signed by Matthew C. Perry Regarding a Voyage to San Diego as Commander of the Home Squadron's Flag Ship "Mississippi"
MATTHEW C. PERRY (1794-1858). Commodore and "Father" of the U.S. Steam Navy, who compelled the "Opening of Japan" to the West with the Convention of Kanagawa in 1854.
April 9, 1847-Dated, Mexican-American War Period, Manuscript Document Signed, "M C Perry" as Commander of the Home Squadron's Flag Ship "Mississippi," 1 page, measuring 12.25" x 8", Choice Very Fine or better. Perry orders the purser to pay $24 to Juan Diaz for vegetables furnished the crew of this vessel. Boldly written upon clean light blue period wove paper, having a large 2.75" long signature "M C Perry - Com's Home Squadron." Receipted by Diaz at bottom of page. Docket on reverse reads in full; "No 12 - San Diego / Vegtables $24:00 / April 9, 1847". This purchase is taking place during the height of the Mexican-American War, while California is still a part of Mexico and Perry's "Home Squadron" and his Flag Ship USS Mississippi are at San Diego! As such, a remarkable, historic Signed Document.

In 1845, Commodore David Connor's length of service in command of the Home Squadron had come to an end. However, the coming of the Mexican-American War persuaded the authorities not to change commanders in the face of the war. Perry, who would eventually succeed Connor, was made second-in-command and captained the USS Mississippi. Perry captured the Mexican city of Frontera, demonstrated against Tabasco and took part in the Tampico Expedition. He had to return to Norfolk, Virginia to make repairs and was still there when the amphibious landings at Veracruz took place. His return to the U.S. gave his superiors the chance to finally give him orders to succeed Commodore Connor in command of the Home Squadron. Perry returned to the fleet during the siege of Veracruz and his ship supported the siege from the sea. After the fall of Veracruz Winfield Scott moved inland and Perry moved against the remaining Mexican port cities. Perry assembled the Mosquito Fleet and captured Tuxpan in April, 1847. In July 1847 he attacked Tabasco personally, leading a 1,173-man landing force ashore and attacking the city from land.
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Item #99448Price: $2,995.00Add to Cart
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