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1802 Official Mass. Militia Officer Resignation Document
WILLIAM DONNISON (c. 1757-1834). Revolutionary War Continental Army Officer, serving at various times as an Aide to Governor Hancock, Adjutant General of the Massachusetts Militia, Judge of Common Pleas, he uncovered a major political scandal during the Federalists and Anti-Federalists debates over the ratification of the United States Constitution.
March 31 1802-Dated, Partly-Printed Document Signed, "Wm Donnison" as Adjutant General of the Militia of Massachusetts, at Head-Quarters, BOSTON, Choice Very Fine. This very rare official Mass. militia Officer's Resignation Document measures 9" x 6.5" being very clean, attractive and boldly printed with excellent original press text embossing within the paper, having a hand-colored yellow official Seal. The paper is strengthened on the blank verso at the fold and at the lower right fold line. This is the very first example of this historic Militia form we have offered. It reads:

"THE GOVERNOR and COMMANDER in CHIEF, has accepted the Resignation of Captain Benjamin Pope of the 3d Regiment in the first Brigade and Fifth Division of the MILITIA of this Commonwealth; and he is hereby honorably discharged at his own request, from the Office of Captain in the Regiment aforesaid. - By Order of the CAPTAIN GENERAL. - (Signed) Wm Donnison ADJUTANT GENERAL."

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Item #99182Price: $495.00Add to Cart
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