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Lot of Three Early Documents Regarding Washington, DC
(William Augustine WASHINGTON) (1757 - 1810). Nephew of George Washington and the sixth son of George Washington's older half-brother, Augustine. Served in the American Revolution and was wounded at Trenton and Cowpens, taken prisoner at Eutaw Springs, served as a General in the Army, under the U.S. Constitution from 1798 to 1800.
Collection of Three Manuscript Documents pertaining to Washington, DC. All three documents are folded, very well and clearly written and signed in rich brown ink upon period paper, appearing fairly clean and quite even in appearance. This original trio Includes:

1. September 24, 1792-Dated, Manuscript Document Signed, "James Park," 1 page, 232 x 190 mm, at "Maton Bridge" being a receipt of: "...Wm. A. Washington Esqr. the sum of One hundred and Thrity Six pounds seven shillings six pence Specie in part of his Bond..." Docketed on verso. "Messrs H. F. & Gibson Rect." Partial fold split.

2. 1807-Dated, Manuscript Document, 2 pages, 330 x 200 mm, at "District of Columbia, Washington County" being an incomplete and unsigned assignment, in which William Augustine Washington grants all rights and interest in the estate of Gustavus Scott (1753 - 1800). It reads, in part: "...the within obligation and all money principle & interest themselves due & owing agreeably to the act (of the) Legislature of Maryland such care made and provided, & in pursuance of a contract between the said Elias B. Calowell Trustee.. & myself, dated 4th day of July A.D. 1803".

Gustavus Scott was Maryland politician who is best known as one of the Commissioners to Superintend the Erection of Public Buildings in Washington, D.C. from 1794 to 1800. Not incidentally, he also owned a good deal of property in that Capital city. Partial fold separations.

3. (n.d., but . 1823), Manuscript Document, 2 pages, 520 x 200 mm, being the "Conditions of Sale" of an Auction for an unnamed dwelling. However it is presumed to be related to the other documents by virtue of them being originally found in the same envelope with the other two of this master lot. It is likely a Maryland Document, as the fourth term demands "That all Taxes, Parish rates and other charges shall be cleared...". The "Parish" was an administrative unit common to both the states of Maryland and Louisiana. But as the accompanying documents are from Maryland and Virginia, we are therefore logically assuming it originates from Maryland.

A very nice group of three original early documents regarding our American Capital city of Washington, District of Columbia. (3 items).

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Item #98851Price: $995.00Add to Cart
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