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January 1849 "Californian Gold" Reported In "The United States Magazine and Democratic Review" To Congress
January 1849-Dated California Gold Rush Period, Imprint entitled "The United States Magazine, and Democratic Review," entitled "Californian Gold." Very Fine.
This string bound 8.5" x 5.5" historic imprint is in two sections. It runs pages 3 thru 14 and 69 thru 76 being disbound, taken from a full year of "The United States Magazine, and Democratic Review." The excellent and important first section is entitled, "Californian Gold - Official Reports to Congress - Memorial of the citizens of California to Congress." It describes some of the history of Gold and reports on the amounts taken from mines outside California and around the world.

The second section is entitled, "Rambles in California. (From a Navy Officer's Journal.)" There are three entries describing the sights and his feelings upon arriving in San Francisco and Monterey. The pages are well printed and quite clean with the original string binding attached. Other major issues of the day are reported including, "Financial And Commercial Review" showing foreign exchange "Rates Of Bills In New York." A rare California Gold Rush report from January of 1849.
Table of Contents >> Americana >> Western America >>
Item #98446Price: $395.00Add to Cart
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