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1785 Engraved Portrait of British Admiral Sir Roger Curtis
June 30, 1785-Dated, Engraved Portrait of British Admiral Sir Roger Curtis, Historic Revolutionary War Era Military Figure Published by J. Fielding, 1785, Drawn from the Life by Miller and Engraved by Birrell, Choice Crisp Mint.
This original print measures 7.5" x 4.5" being a Plate or Frontispiece from a period British magazine. Roger Curtis (1746 - 1816), was a British Admiral who commanded the sloop HMS Senegal and Lord Howe's Flagship, HMS Eagle. Later, he was ordered to Gibralter where he distingished himself during the Great Siege of Gibraltar. An exceptional quality engraved portrait of British Admiral Sir Roger Curtis.
Although Admiral Roger Curtis was personally opposed to British possession of Gibraltar, he took command of a marine unit during the siege, and in the attack by Spanish gunboats and floating batteries in September 1782, Curtis took his men into the harbour in small boats to engage the enemy. During this operation, Curtis witnessed the destruction of the batteries by British fireships and was able to rescue hundreds of burnt and drowning Spanish sailors from the water. This rescue effort was carried out in close proximity to the enemy force and in constant danger from the detonation of burning Spanish ships, which showered his overcrowded boats with debris and caused several casualties amongst his crews.
Table of Contents >> Historical >> American Revolution >>
Item #98297Price: $295.00Add to Cart
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