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1879 San Francisco California Coin Dealers Price Catalog
1879-Dated, Imprint , "CATALOGUE - W.F. GREANY" 827 Brannan Street, San Francisco, California, "Coins, Medals, Match and Postage Stamps, Fractional, Colonial and Confederate Currency, Also - Indian Relics and Other Curriosities," Printed by James H. Barry, 429 Montgomery St., S.F., Fine.
Very rare 32 page, Coin-Currency-Stamp and Collectibles price catalog. It is quite extraordinary being published by a dealer in San Francisco in the post Gold Rush year of 1879. It measures 8.75" x 5.75" and is stitched with string at the slightly separating spine, showing some wear from actual use, some slight irregularities and doodles to the cover edge. Anything printed and related to collecting rare coins being dated from early California, in particular San Francisco, is extremely rare. Specially so as much printed material was lost in the great San Francisco earthquake and fires of 1906. The first we have offered.
Table of Contents >> Miscellaneous Coins >> Coin Related >>
Item #97272Price: $695.00Add to Cart
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