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Caleb Cushing's Handwritten and Signed Eulogy on the Marquis De Lafayette Delivered in the House of Representatives
CALEB CUSHING (1800-1879) & (MARQUIS DE LAFAYETTE). Massachusetts Statesman, Lawyer, Author, United States Representative and U.S. Attorney General under Franklin Pierce.
February 25, 1839-Dated, A.Ms.S. 1p. 4to., (Washington), being his Eulogy to Lafayette delivered in the House of Representatives, measuring 9.5"x 6.5", Choice Extremely Fine. Well written in rich brown on early, period wove paper. There is some expected light marginal toning, one small 1" edge tear at top, overall in excellent overall quality. Cushing writes, in full:

"Regard him in the New World as a youthful leader of the armies of independence; follow him in Europe amid the opening splendors of the French Revolution, the favorite of an admiring nation; accompany him, driven into exile by factions he could not control, to the dungeon of Olmute; contemplate him, withdrawn from the blighting allurements of the Empire to the shades of La Grange, or issuing thence only to rebut the usurper; study him as one of the trusted leaders of a constitutional Opposition; or behold him once more the arbiter of his country's destiny, at the epoch of the Three days: & you see in all the changes of such a life, in either hemisphere, in camps or in councils, in prosperity or adversity, but one man ever before you, -- ever the same ardent lover of liberty, - ever the same unwavering supporter of public order, ever the same firm & disinterested patriot, ever the same generous, conscientious, frank-hearted, honorable, true-minded -- La Fayette. --- (Signed) C. Cushing, - House of Representatives - 25 February 1839"

A truly remarkable, original historic document of memorial and tribute which is written entirely in Caleb Cushings own hand, and delivered on the floor of the House of Representatives.
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Item #96786Price: $3,995.00Add to Cart
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