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Rare Set of Twelve American Revolutionary War Historic Period Engraved Plates by D. Chodowiecki & Berger 1784
1784-Dated Revolutionary War Era, Twelve Engraved Prints Displaying the History of the American Revolutionary War with scenes depicting Major Battles and Events of the Revolutionary War, engraved by D.(aniel) Berger, for Daniel Chodowiecki (Leipzig, Germany), Choice Extremely Fine.
These Twelve different black print Engraved Plates were originally produced for insertion into the book entitled: "Historisch - genealogischer Calender, oder Jahrbuch der merkwurdigsten neuen Welt - Begebenheiten fur 1784 Leipzig zur Messe bey Haude und Spener von Berlin". Translated into the English title: "Historical - genealogical Calendar, or Yearbook of the most curious new world events for 1784", published at Leipzig, Germany. This was one of the very first historical "Picture-Books" with depictions of scenes displaying the most significant period events and in a timeline, occurring throughout the American Revolution. This contains 12 historical Engraved Plates. Each depicting their vision of the most noted, truly historic scenes of the American Revolution. This matched Set includes all of the images with one Plate, number 6 of the series, being a slightly deeper tone as a replaced reproduction of the original. Each of the engravings measures 3.75" x 2.25" (about period playing card in size) for insertion to the book. They are each currently tipped at top on the blank reverse for display, mounted on a larger clean sheet of paper. Each engraving has a small printed sequential number, from 1 to 12, at top right (including the reproduction, number 6), of this Set. Engraving number 1, at its bottom margin reads: "D.(aniel) Chodowiecki inv. et del. --- D. Berger, Sculpsit. 1784" in very small print. Below each engraving is a short description of its historic scene, written in German being typeset in a decorative period font, each specifically dated at its conclusion. This very rare set of American Revolutionary War Engraved Plates is the only example we have encountered and offered. Historical events and subjects include: The Stamp Act Protest at Boston 1764; the Boston Tea Party 1773, the Battle of Lexington 1775, the Battle of Bunker Hill 1775; Congress voting for Independence 1776; General Washington, Hessian Captured at Trenton 1776 (#6 reproduced); Surrender of General Burgoyne at Saratoga 1777; Doctor Benjamin Franklin's Arrival before the King in France 1778; Rochambeau's Landing at Newport 1780; Major Andre's Capture 1780; the Surrender of the British Lord Cornwallis at Yorktown 1781 and the British Evacuation of New York 1783. See Cresswell numbers: 243, 248, 251, 254, 261, 275, 277, 318, 315, 327, 343. As individual historical period engraved prints an estimated value of $600 to $800 or greater each would be reasonable. Here is an opportunity to acquire a set where eleven (11) all different originals are sharply presented on clean period laid paper. A wonderful set, accompanied by a full printed description, including the English translations for each image. (12 prints).
Table of Contents >> Historical >> American Revolution >>
Item #96281Price: $4,995.00Add to Cart
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