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Address to New York Governor Tryon - A Partial Draft and Salutation
A fascinating docketed Partial Manuscript Draft, not signed, being an Address dated in 1774 to Governor William Tryon of New York, Fine. Written upon "GR" monogrammed watermarked laid period paper measuring 12" x 7.5" in nice overall condition. It has some very minor fold splits with a docket which appears to read, "Address presented by - Geo. Wash. to Gov. Tryon - 1774".

There are 35 manuscript lines across both sides, with multiple cross outs and corrections that appear not to be in Washington's own hand, rather secretarial. Further, we can not currently document this intercourse between Washington and Governor Tyron, thus it may be from someone with a similar looking written name. More research as into the content is in order and this item is valued for the 1774 period content to Tyron only. It appears to be a partial draft of a longer address being an excellent window into the thought process and written word technique. The initial portion is beautifully worded, "Such is the instability of human events that our grief and joy (latter crossed off) frequently flow from the same source, that justice impartiality firmness & wisdom of your Excellence's administration all contribute to heighten our sorrow when we connect them with the idea of your Excellencies departure (later, underlined)."

The reverse side of this Manuscript appears to be a slightly different version of some of these thoughts. Governor Tryon needed to return to England in 1774 on personal matters and upon his return the Revolutionary War had broken out. In 1774, Governor Tyron went to England due to some major land disputes, and he went to England to explain the situation. He remained in England for 14 months, on his return to the American Colonies, the Revolutionary War had begun and he turned his attention in raising a regiment of loyalists to the King and fought in diversionary battles in Connecticut.

This Document has some original ink corrections to the words, with some ink lines showing where to cancel the paragraph of words. Nearly 2 pages, on handmade laid period paper and nicely written. The writer wishes the Colonial Governor fair well on his voyage to England, hoping the Governor will come across no dangers or illness during his voyage. An illuminating New York related historical document which projects with great impact, a deep respect for Governor Tryon.
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Item #95638Price: $2,995.00Add to Cart
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