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March 9, 1754 North Carolina "Holy Bible" Vignette Note
North Carolina. March 9, 1754 Act. Twenty-Six Shillings & Eight Pence. "The Holy Bible" vignette. Fine.
Fr. NC-80 (Listing number in the Friedberg reference book "The Paper Money of the United States). Low serial number 236. Signed by Sam.(uel) Swann, Lewis De Rosset, Jn. Swann, and John Starkey (not visible). This note is Uniface, printed on laid paper with British Crown and Royal Arms watermark. Printed from engraved copper plates in black. Ornate indent at the left end, with text in block in script and leaning capitals, circle lower left with Bible vignette. State in leaning capital letters with flourishes. A rare type once, only 4,000 printed of this note for "80 Groats." Typical edge nicks and short split and still quite wholesome looking for collectors.
Colonial and Continental Congress issued currency is one of the greatest fields of collecting within American numismatics. Colonial American paper money was the very first used in the entire Western World. First issued in 1690 Massachusetts, the use of paper money quickly spread to all thirteen British colonies. American history was immensely influenced by the use of this "fiat" paper money as it allowed for an expanded economy and trade between the colonies.

The history of paper money is repeated, even today. The very first issued of Massachusetts currency of 1690 had some notes deceptively altered to show higher values, inflation and the rampant printing of both the Colonial and Continental Congress issues led to the Government "bailout" of State debt, huge inflation and the mistrust of paper money as being ultimately "Not Worth A Continental." Collect this field and learn how history repeats!

For additional historic, rarity and value information, I highly recommend acquiring an additional reference book which is considered to be the "Bible" on this field of collecting, "The Early Paper Money of America" by Eric Newman.
Table of Contents >> Colonial Currency >> North Carolina Currency >>
Item #95489Price: $595.00Add to Cart
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