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Two Pioneers Seek Fortune Traveling to and From California
1849 & 1851, Lot of 2 California-related letters, Very Fine.
1. February 4, 1849, two-page letter from Wm. B. Higgins of Freehold, asking for a loan for the trip to the gold fields in California"traveling around the Horn! "Dr. Sir. I am about to ask a favor of you. Which if denied me may cause much dissatisfaction and great talk if not trouble " A company of young men, thirty in number, consisting of mechanics, merchants, & professional men are about going to California for the purpose of remaining two or three years to carry on such business as may seem best suited to each man..." Interesting content! The letter measures 12.5" x 8", plus integral mailing leaf. Includes original envelope, addressed to "Mr. Saml. Mairs" of Trenton, NJ.

2. Nov. 18, 1851, from "PC Brown" of San Francisco, addressed to his father and family, describing an impending journey: "I take this opportunity to write to you for it may be the only one that I ever shall have for I have engaged to go on the Republick to Panama and it is thought to be very sickly there at present... If I do not live to geet home I hope you will receive this with my best wishes for you all..." A very solemn, one-page letter, written on blue, lined paper, measuring 9.75" x 7.75".

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Table of Contents >> Americana >> Western America >>
Item #95456Price: $695.00Add to Cart
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