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1864 Imprint "Communication of Secretary of Treasury" Whether old Treasury Notes is be Exchanged for the New
November 25, 1864-Dated, Confederate States of America, Civil War Period Printed Document, Crandall 1101, Choice Near Mint.
Being a "Communication of Secretary of Treasury," Signed in Type by G. A. Trenholm as Confederate States Secretary of Treasury, 1 page, measuring about 5.75" x 9.25". This Document reads, in part: "Sir: The resolution passed by the House of Representatives, on the 21st instant, call for the following information: 'Whether the old issue of treasury notes is being exchanged for the new, and if not, why; also, what arrangements have been made to that end...." also "Treasurer is authorized to receive the old issues (except the $100 bills) in payment of non-taxable bonds at 66 2-3 percent." Plus much more during this period of tremendous financial turmoil at the Confederate States Treasury regarding their notes.
George Alfred Trenholm (1807"1876) was a prominent politician in the Confederate States of America and served as its Secretary of the Treasury during the final year of the American Civil War.

Table of Contents >> Confederate Currency >>
Item #94706Price: $295.00Add to Cart
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