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1869 Letter "... there is a great fear here of the indians..."
September 6, 1869-Dated, Superb content Autograph Letter Signed, 3 pages, 7.5" x 9", Columbia, (Iowa), from Christie Davis to his or her brother's friend and Regiment-mate, Jerome King of the 6th Iowa Volunteer Cavalry, Fine.
In this outstanding letter, Davis relates various pieces of news to King and a request to give good wishes to her brother and the other soldiers, and tells King of terrible fights with Indians she has heard of. It reads, in part:

"... there is a great fear here of the indians...some of them ask the women if they have a gun and how many white men they have there...(one said)'after white men all gone...injun take white squaw' of the Indian men wanted one of the women to marry him and she told him she wouldn't do it and he throwed his tomahawk at her head and he killed her and they say he has run off... Jerome it is in the papers that the Regiment has had a fight with the Indians and that there is five killed twenty wounded and perhaps my brother has fallen... I tell you it is dreadful for a sister to have a brother and other relatives up there and don't know that they will ever see them again or not...".

This historic and dramatic original letter has some expected light folds and tone and remains clear, well written and very readable. Superb content.
Table of Contents >> Americana >> Western America >>
Item #93046Price: $695.00Add to Cart
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