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Cutting Marble For The United States Capitol Building 1852
(U.S. CAPITOL BUILDING). Describing the cutting of marble for the U.S. Capitol Building
July 6, 1852-Dated, Autograph Letter Signed, "Duff Green" (a political journalist), describing the cutting of marble for the United States Capitol Building. Addressed to the Secretary of the Interior, this 2-page letter on integral leaf, measures 9.75" x 7.5" and is docketed on the back: "56, Washington, July 6. 52. Duff Green." Asking if a contract for cutting the marble for the Pub: Building could be obtained by the Patentees of a machine which will do the work much cheaper." On the first page, he notes, in part:

"I am now informed that you intend to let the cutting of the marble for the Capital [sic] to contractors and therefore write to you to say that there are responsible persons who will contract to cut the marble for the Capital with much greater dispatch, much better in execution & at a rate much less say than by three & one third per cent less than any other person can do it...."

Overall terrific content. The Capitol was built during the early 1800s, but was greatly expanded during the 1850s. Some of the construction labor was carried out by Slaves. The original plan was to use workers brought in from Europe. However, there was a poor response to recruitment efforts and African Americans both Free and Slave, composed the majority of the work force on that project.
Table of Contents >> Historical >> Post-Revolutionary War to Civil War >>
Item #92216Price: $595.00Add to Cart
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