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Lot of Two Prints: James Otis, Jr., and Dr. John W. Francis, Fine.
This lot features uncolored engravings of two early American figures: James Otis (1725-1783), printed by O. Pelton, with a facsimile signature by Otis, 4" x 3.25" image laid down on large sheet 14" x 10.75"; and John W. Francis (1789-1861), with his facsimile signature, engraved by W.G. Jackman after a drawing by J. Gollmann--a vignette image on a sheet measuring 12" x 9.5". The print of Francis is heavily stained along the lower left corner, but can be trimmed and matted to enhance the image. Engraving of Otis is on a toned, soiled page, but can also be matted. Lot sold "as is." (2 items)
James Otis, Jr. (1725-1783) was a lawyer in colonial Massachusetts who was an early advocate of the political views that led to the American Revolution. The phrase "Taxation without Representation is Tyranny" is usually attributed to him.

John Wakefield Francis (1789-1861) was an American physician who founded the New York Academy of Medicine.
Table of Contents >> Decorative Arts >> Prints >>
Item #92058Price: $295.00Add to Cart
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