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U.S. Grant's Second Vice President "Henry Wilson"
HENRY WILSON, U.S. Grant's Second Vice President.
Courtesy Card Signed, "Henry Wilson Mass-" as Senator, no date, card measures 3.25" x 2", Choice Very Fine. This is a neat and bold signature accomplished by the noted abolitionist Senator from Massachusetts bearing some minor soiling, but overall quite bright and clean. Scarce.
Henry Wilson (1812-1875) was a Senator form Massachusetts serving from 1855 to 1873. Well known for his abolitionist sentiments. During the Civil War, Wilson raised and led the 23rd Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. He resigned his seat in 1873 after being elected vice president, replacing the controversial Schuyler Colfax. Wilson died in his office in the United States Capitol. Interestingly enough Richard Nixon used Wilson's desk during his term as vice president. Nixon a great admirer of Woodrow Wilson had requested the "Wilson Desk" for his office. An aide, assuming he was referring to the former vice president, delivered instead Henry Wilson's desk. Unknowingly Nixon used this desk during his vice presidential years, and again as president.
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Item #90374Price: $395.00Add to Cart
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