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Twenty Four Cents "Ellis McAlpin & Co." Rarity-8
EP-166, HB-115, S-83, Reed-EM24. Twenty-Four Cents. ELLIS McALPIN & CO. Cincinnati. Extremely Fine.
Rated as Rarity-8 (5-10 known) according to Fred Reed. This is an important example of an exceedingly rare, major Encased Postage Stamp denomination and merchant type. The 24 denomination is the highest value known to have been produced for Ellis McAlpin & Co.. The George Washington stamp is centered a bit to the left. It is not as bold in appearance as others we have offered, and is seen under clear, unbroken mica that shows signs of normal circulation. The defect-free case has a medium chestnut-brown color with just light wear and good details to the reverse legends for the grade.

We have only previously offered three examples of the Twenty Four Cents Ellis McAlpin & Co.. Our EAHA Auction, November 11, 1997, Lot 492, graded Choice EF, sold for $4,312, June 27, 1998, Lot 492, graded Choice New, stated as "likely the Finest Known," sold for $5,060 and December 11, 2004, Lot 619, grading Extremely Fine, sold for $4,680. This outstanding current example is quite an opportunity to acquire a highly elusive and "Key" merchant type, missing in most collections.
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Item #88868Price: $5,995.00Add to Cart
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