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Full Original Sheet 1773 British "Museum-Lottery" Tickets
(1773) British "Museum-Lottery" Tickets, Britain, Full Uncut Sheet of Six Tickets, Choice Crisp Extremely Fine+.
An impressive, boldly printed and quite ornately designed Colonial era Lottery Ticket held to benefit the British Museum. We can date this as being held in 1773 as it states to be "made in the Thirteenth Year of His Majesty's Reign." (which began in 1760, thus held in 1773). Boldly signed by "Jasper Jay" and having a wonderful, ornate design and a great overall look. A remarkable, exceedingly rare full and fully signed sheet, being the very first of this scarce Colonial Era lottery we have offered. (6 note sheet).
it is not the British Museum - it is Cox's Museum as indeed it is signed off. He was a jeweller who owned a museum of mechanical art which he opened in 1772 in Spring Gardens (the Mall) but having run into difficulties obtained an Act of Parliament to hold this lottery. The draw was in 1775, 1773 being the year of the Act of Parliament. The British Museum lottery Act was obtained in 1753. Technically it was a "public" State lottery and so the ticket is no different (well slightly) to other State lottery tickets, and can be identified only by the 1753 date. They are rare.
Table of Contents >> Colonial Currency >> Colonial Lottery >>
Item #87653Price: $2,495.00Add to Cart
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