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Pennsylvania Jacquard Coverlet With George Washington Dated 1869 Made By Philip Schum of Lancaster PA.
1869, Woven Pennsylvania Jacquard Coverlet, In 4 Colors, with Patriotic images depicting George Washington, Eagles, Steamboats, and Flags, and woven signature of Philip Schum, Choice Extremely Fine.
This is a truly outstanding, colorful, 1869 dated, Large, 4-Color, Woven Pennsylvania Jacquard Coverlet, with Patriotic images depicting George Washington, Eagles, Steamboats, Flags, and more. This impressive textile measures 76" x 82" and is Signed within the design by the maker, Philip Schum of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It is woven of red, green, blue and cream color threads and features an outstanding bust portrait of George Washington in each corner flanked by rearing horses, with a Federal Eagle above. The corners are inscribed, "Washington - Hail 1869," and the top and bottom edges are inscribed, "Made. by. Philip. Schum. Lancaster. PA." There is a central medallion with ornate floral, starburst, and geometric designs. The borders are decorated with buildings, flags, horses, birds, eagles, ships, foliage, and steamboats in corners, which go along with the busts of George Washington. This Winter-Summer coverlet is also reversible, with the inner surface having a light background and the outer a darker background. This Jacquard Coverlet design is pictured in the book "Coverlets" by Melinda Zongor and Joseph D. Shein, pages 214 and 215. This Coverlet is in very good condition, with colors that are bright, with no fading or significant staining or discoloration. There is a small area of wear on the dark side in the area of the central medallion and more significant wear along on edge in the area of the makers signature and some trivial loss to the original fringe edging. The light background side shows much less wear than the dark background side with no wear in the central medallion and only light wear noticeable at the edge. A rare and highly attractive 1869 Woven 4-Color Jacquard Coverlet that is excellent for display.
Table of Contents >> Americana >> Historic Americana >>
Item #86395Price: $695.00Add to Cart
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