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"History In America and Israel" Mated Pair of Original Painting by Chrystal Spectacular Jewish Historical Murals
c. 1970, Mated Pair of Oil on Canvas Mural Style Paintings, one describing the Jewish History of America, and the second the History of the State of Israel, both Canvas Murals are Signed by the Artist, "Chrystal," Choice Extremely Fine.
This first huge and interesting, original artwork Oil Painting, measures a large 4' x 5' and depicts the Jewish history of America as a sort of landscape with portraits. This work is dominated by a tall Statue of Liberty in the left end, with a quotation of the inscription on the monument ("Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor ....") running across the bottom. In the lower right corner is a portrait of Emma Lazarus, who wrote this inscription.

Other scenes depicted include "Jacob Barsimon - First Jewish Settler 1654" and "First Synagogue Newport, R.I. 1763." The portraits in this painting include Louis Brandeis (Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court), Rabbi Isaac M. Wise, Judah Benjamin (U.S. Senator and Confederate Secretary of War, Attorney General and Secretary of State), Albert Einstein, Oscar Straus (Secretary of Commerce & Labor), and Col. Isaac Franks (Continental Army in the Revolutionary War).

This second work is a huge and colorful painting, measuring 50" x 66," in the form of a landscape, recalling various people and events in the establishment of the state of Israel. The portraits in this painting include Moses Maimonides, David Ben Gurion, Isaac Ben Zvi, Chaim Weitzmann, and Martin Buber. A statue of Yad Mordechai, commemorating the Warsaw Uprising in WWII occupied Poland, is also depicted. In the upper corners are scenes representing "Immigration Under the British Mandate" and "Immigration Under the Law of the Return." At the bottom is a view of Caesaria, labeled "Seaport Built by the Romans," and another view labeled "Ruins of a Nabatean City." In the lower right corner are some verses from Psalm 137, relating to the time the Jews were in exile in Babylon. At the top is a scene labeled "Mt. Zion - King David's Tomb and the Cenacle of the Last Supper." Also at the top is a view labeled "Wailing Wall - Taken in Six Day War June 1967."

This unique Set of Original Artist Paintings are a rare and no doubt unique tribute to Jewish History. Both are bright and in excellent condition. A little research may reveal the identity of the artist of these wonderful mural paintings. (2 items).
Table of Contents >> Judaica >>
Item #78604Price: $7,995.00Add to Cart
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