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1852 Colorful Woven Jacquard Coverlet Signed & Dated
1852-Dated, Pennsylvania Jacquard Coverlet, Inscribed: "Seifert & Co. Mechanicsburg Cumberland County AD 1852," Very Fine.
This 97" x 85" Pennsylvania Jacquard Coverlet has been inscribed in the corner with "Seifert & Co. Mechanicsburg Cumberland County AD 1852." Woven in shades of red, green and deep blue, using wool yarns and natural cotton threads. There are a variety of repeating floral designs with vines. Some parts of the fringe have worn off.
Joseph Jacquard (1752-1834) recognized that weaving, although an intricate and delicate task, was highly repetitive task. He believed that the weaving of complex patterns could be automated. He conceived a system that relied on stiff, pasteboard cards with various patterns of punched holes. At each throw of the shuttle a card was placed in the path of the rods. The pattern of holes in the card determined which rods could pass through, and thus acted as a program for the loom. This control system allowed for flexibility and various levels of complexity in the patterns.
Table of Contents >> Americana >> Historic Americana >>
Item #76139Price: $795.00Add to Cart
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