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George Washington Image Masonic Theme Liverpool Jug
c. 1820, Liverpool American Masonic Theme Creamware Jug, England, Choice Extremely Fine.
This colorful and impressive quality Jug measures 9" high and 5.5" at its base. It is creamy white with unusual violet transfer prints of Masonic imagery. One figure appears to be George Washington. It is highlighted with blue glazed floral sprays and piping along the lip. A deep violet print on one side features an oval with a seated figure in Masonic garb, surrounded by Masonic accouterments and symbols. The large oval print on the opposite side features a skull, cherubs with wings top and bottom, all Masonic motifs, and the Latin phrases "PULSANTI APPERIATOR SIT LUX ET LUX FUIT...". A third oval violet print, which is positioned beneath the spout, shows a figure appearing to be George Washington, standing beneath an arch, surrounded by Masonic symbols. There is very slight wear to blue glaze along the spout.
Table of Contents >> Decorative Arts >> Glass and Porcelain >>
Item #75392Price: $1,995.00Add to Cart
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