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Very Scarce John S. Skinner Letter Editor of the "American Turf Register and Sporting Magazine"
JOHN S. SKINNER, Postmaster of Baltimore and early Editor of the "American Turf Register and Sporting Magazine."
July 15, 1834-Dated, Autograph Letter and Integral Signed, "J S Skinner" one page on the integral in upper right corner in brown ink, from Baltimore, Very Fine. The letter itself measures 9.6" x 7.75" and the signature measures 2". It is written in brown ink on lined period paper by Gideon B. Smith, for J. S. Skinner. There is one small absence on the letters left side that is the result of its initial opening and breaking of the red wax seal and in no way interferes with the text. The integral cover also boasts a faint "Baltimore, MD" Postmaster Stamp in red ink, with some chipping along the left side and creases. The content of the letter refers to collecting on accounts for the "American Turf Register," a monthly periodical that Skinner himself started in August of 1829. A scarce letter with a rare early American sports related signature.
John S. Skinner, (1788-1851), lived an extraordinary life. Skinner had a notable time during the War of 1812. He was known as the "Paul Revere" of this war, and seeing as how he was the first to announce the approach of the British to Washington, after riding 90 miles in the night, one can see why the name fits. Skinner also has kept extremely famous company. He was with Francis Scott Key on the famed ship where Key was inspired to write "The Star Spangled Banner." And, General Lafayette stayed at Skinner's home during his visit to the U.S. in 1824. Lafayette later selected Mr. Skinner as agent to manage the 20,000-acre grant of land that had been voted Lafayette by Congress. Skinner was also the Postmaster of Baltimore from 1816-39, but his most famous contributions relate to agriculture. In 1819, Skinner established "The American Farmer", which was the first agricultural journal in the country. Continuing in this tradition, in 1829, he established the "American Turf Register and Sporting Magazine", the "Farmer's Library and Monthly Journal of Agriculture," as well as the "Plough, the Loom, and the Anvil". These periodicals gave a new stimulus to agricultural pursuits, and added to the general popularity of outdoor sports. He died in Baltimore on March 21, 1851.
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Item #75136Price: $395.00Add to Cart
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