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c. 1780 Silver Hilted Revolutionary War Officer's Sword
c. 1780 American Revolutionary War Era, Silver Mounted Hunting Sword with Decorated Blade, Fine.
This is an original, Revolutionary War Era fancy design, high quality Sword, that is typical in style as would be also carried by a higher ranking military officer. It is 23.5" overall, with a 18.25" long blade. This style of Silver cross-guard, ferrule and washer, and button top pommel, has an overall appearance of Hungarian/Polish Royal Family. It is Hallmarked on both sides of the cross guard. The ebony grip has an ornate spiral groove design. The blade is straight with a shallow groove on both sides once past the four inches of flat metal, upon which are several hand engraved designs including; "Winged Angels" on either side, plus a "Running Boar" and "Stag." There is light even pitting along the blades full length and retains much original patina. There are two fine lengthwise cracks to the ebony grip, one being the full length, the other half way through the grip. The pommel cap shows some typical wear, is completely original, and is fully intact. An important late 18th century Sword, quite typical in use at the time as an American Revolutionary War ranking officer's weapon.
Table of Contents >> Historical >> American Revolution >>
Item #58475Price: $2,495.00Add to Cart
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