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Gorgeous Signed Proof Engraved Portrait of George Washington Print Signed by "Albert Rosenthal" After John Ramage
(1897), Engraved Signed Proof Impression Portrait of George Washington, Signed by Albert Rosenthal, After a Miniature by John Ramage, Printed by E. Opitz, Philadelphia (PA), Choice Crisp Near Mint.
This fresh looking, magnificent quality 7" x 5" central Proof Impression is die-sunk upon larger heavy paper sheet measuring to 14" x 11". This engraving having a central 3" x 2" oval Portrait of General George Washington in his military uniform. Below, is a 1" engraving of the 1789 Miniature which served as the model for the portrait above, which was created by artist John Ramage in 1789, being the year George Washington became the first President of the United States.

It is noted on a small, added 2.5" x 5" printed information sheet at the lower right corner of the larger sheet, stating "GEORGE WASHINGTON. - FROM THE MINIATURE BY JOHN RAMAGE, 1789. - In the possession of Mrs. Moses S. Beach." That information also states that there were only, "Twenty Copies in four States of this plate printed and Subscribed for by..." It continues with a listing, numbered one through twenty, providing each specific Subscriber's name. Number 15 being listed as L. T. Hollingsworth. This print is one of the four states mentioned which has an engraved facsimile signature of John Ramage at lower left and is Authentically Hand Signed by the artist, "Albert Rosenthal" in strong, clear pencil. Penciled notations: "No. 15" on the central print and "H 211a" is at the bottom left corner of the larger sheet. A list of 20 subscribers are printed on a tissue overlay in the lower right corner of the large sheet. An excellent, extremely rare and historic, museum quality example.
Albert Rosenthal (1863-1939) American Artist, portrait painter, printmaker, writer, and collector; Philadelphia, Pa. Rosenthal was a student of his father, engraver Max Rosenthal, and later published a book about him. He is also known for his portraits of Supreme Court Justices, and his collection of American drawings, which he donated to the Free Library of Philadelphia in 1927. Albert Rosenthal was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on 30 January 1863, the son of the etcher and lithographer Max Rosenthal (1833-1918). His artistic education under his father and at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts was followed some years later by further studies in Europe. In 1892 Rosenthal established a portrait studio in Philadelphia, where he continued to work for the rest of his active career.
Table of Contents >> Historical >> Washington Related >>
Item #33965Price: $2,695.00Add to Cart
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