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Impressive 1868 Presidential Campaign Political Cartoon
1868-Dated, Presidential Campaign Lithograph, "Feed-Mans Bureau" (Freedman's Bureau), Terrific Anti-Reconstruction Political Cartoon, Choice Very Fine.
This intriguing, Large Size, 21.5" x 14" Satyrical Lithograph Cartoon was published in 1868 by Joseph Godfrey of Michigan. It has been backed with silk for preservation upon its blank reverse. The face is quite clean and boldly printed in rich black, having one well sealed lateral tear sealed with rice paper. More fully titled: "Jacobin Radical Republican Record. A Legacy for the People! $2,700,000,000 Debt!! An Expensive Luxury."

The central figure is a piece of furniture called the "Feed-Mans Bureau" (Freedman's Bureau), supported by five, identified crouching members of Congress and containing thirteen books whose titles poke fun at Ulysses S. Grant and Colfax.

There are references to the "Reconstruction Act", the "farce" of President Johnson's impeachment, the execution of Mary Surratt, the Whisky Ring, tax exceptions granted to bondholders and the granting of suffrage to blacks in Michigan. The bureau drawers likewise are inscribed with various criticisms ("Grant in Hands of the Radicals. What's the Price of Putty?", "Steven's Inventory of Property Taken by Mrs. Lincoln", "35 Blank Vols. on Political Economy, Speeches, Essays, and Correspondence of U. S. Grant"). Very rare and highly impressive for display.
Table of Contents >> Americana >> Political >>
Item #110716Price: $1,995.00Add to Cart
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