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War of 1812 Strawberry Historic Luster Pitcher
c. 1815 Rare War of 1812 Theme & Period, Historic Patriotic Strawberry Luster Pitcher, with Two Important American Patriotic Transfers, General Washington Departed This Life Dec 14th 1799...," and "Captain Jones of the Macedonian," Choice Extremely Fine.
This Patriotic, War of 1812, Strawberry Luster Pitcher or Jug measures 6.5" tall. It was produced in England for export to America at the close of the War of 1812. Both deep black transfers are exceptionally bold, sharp in detail and crisp in eye appeal. There is some slight faint tone to the body and a hidden discolored area of restoration to the inner right side edge of the spout. An aging dealer tag on the bottom lists an old asking price of $3,250. One side has a transfer listed as Arman style "W.36," located on page 205 of David Arman's great reference book, "Anglo-American Ceramics Part I." showing the transfer with legend reading: "Gen Washington Departed this life Dec 14th 1799 AE 67 And the tears of a Nation watered his grave."

The other side is listed as Arman "J.31b," its legend reading: "Captain Jones of the Macedonian," which is found on page 119 in Arman's book. Jones was widely admired and when he returned to the United States after an exchange of prisoners, he received a gold medal from the United States Congress. Overall, the Strawberry Luster decor is bright and colorful, only light wear from use is present and both of the historic transfers look simply outstanding.
Commodore Jacob Jones (1768 - 1850) was born near Smyrna, Del., in March 1768. Appointed Midshipman 10 April 1799, he served in the United States Navy during the Quasi-war with France. In 1803 he sailed in Frigate Philadelphia to the Barbary coast. On 31 October, when the Philadelphia ran aground near Tripoli harbor, Jones was captured by the Tripoli-tans and held prisoner for 20 months. Upon his return to the United States, he served on the ships Adams and Argus and on 4 June 1810 took command of Sloop Wasp.

After the outbreak of War with England, Wasp captured Brig Dolphin on 13 October 1812; and defeated British Ship-of-War Frolic in a bitter struggle off the Delaware capes on the 18th. Commissioned Captain 3 March 1813, Jones then commanded Macedonian, and later in the war rendered valuable service to Commodore Chauncey on Lake Ontario.

Upon the return of peace with England, he again commanded Macedonian, joined the Mediterranean Squadron under Commodore Decatur, and took part in securing lasting peace with the Barbary powers. Captain Jones assumed command of the Mediterranean Squadron in 1821; and in 1824 he was appointed to the Board of Navy Commissioners.

Two years later he became commander of the U.S. Naval Forces in the Pacific. At the time of his death, 3 August 1850, Commodore Jones was the commandant of the Naval Asylum in Philadelphia.
Table of Contents >> Decorative Arts >> Glass and Porcelain >>
Item #110692Price: $1,895.00Add to Cart
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