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Carte de Visite Image of Vice President Henry Wilson
c. 1870's Carte de Visite, Photograph Image of Henry Wilson, (1872) Ulysses S Grant's Vice President Henry Wilson, by Silsbee, Case & CO, Boston, Choice Extremely Fine.
An original Carte de Visite mounted on heavy card stock measuring 2.5" x 3.75" of Vice President Henry Wilson. Image shows Wilson in full length pose. Back has affixed advertising stamp which reads, "Wm. E. Abbott & CO. 292 Washington Street. Boston." Backstamp reads, "Silsbee, Case & Co. Photograph Artists, 299 1/2 Washington St. Boston." A sharp image with excellent clarity. Quite scarce.

Henry Wilson (1812 " 1875), was the 18th Vice President of the United States (1873"1875) and a Senator from Massachusetts (1855"1873).

Before and during the American Civil War, he was a leading Republican, and a strong opponent of slavery. He devoted his energies to the destruction of the "Slave Power" - the faction of slave owners and their political allies which anti-slavery Americans saw as dominating the country. He was considered a "Radical Republican". After the Civil War, he supported the Radical program for Reconstruction.

In 1872, he was elected Vice President as running mate with President Ulysses S. Grant, and served from 4 March 1873 until his death on 22 November 1875. Wilson was elected Vice President of the United States on the Republican ticket with President Ulysses S. Grant to replace the controversial Schuyler Colfax and served from 4 March 1873 until his death.

His election was marred by the report that he was involved in the Crdit Mobilier of America scandal. Wilson was one of several major Republican (and Democratic) Representatives and Senators who were offered bribes (and possibly took them) of shares in Crdit Mobilier. Wilson was cleared by the Senate inquiry, but his reputation was stained. The Vice President suffered a serious stroke in 1873. Although partly paralyzed, he fought to actively perform his duties as presiding officer over the United States Senate. He suffered what was believed to be a minor attack on 10 November 1875, and was taken to the Vice Presidents room to recover. Over the next several days, his health appeared to improve and his friends thought he was nearly recovered. However, on 22 November at 20 minutes past 7 in the morning, Vice President Wilson died from a second stroke while working in the United States Capitol Building at Washington, D.C. He was interred in Old Dell Park Cemetery, Natick.
Table of Contents >> Americana >> Political >>
Item #110494Price: $395.00Add to Cart
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