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1864 Wright's "Breech-Loading Firearm" Patent Application
November 15, 1864-Dated Civil War Period, "Breech-Loading Firearm" U.S. Patent Application & Associated Drawings, 14 pages, Choice Very Fine.
This historic US Patent Application was submitted during the American Civil War. It is fourteen pages in length, measuring 8" x 12", which includes the weapon's schematic drawings and the inventor's handwritten personal notes on the weapon's design and inner workings. It also includes the inventor's signature. There is some modest soiling on the pages.

The main advantage of a breech-loading firearm is a reduction in reloading time. It is much quicker to load the projectile and charge into the breech than to force them down a long tube, especially when the tube has spiral ridges from rifling. For example, a soldier carrying a muzzle-loading firearm, such as a Springfield Model 1861, is only capable of firing three shots in a minute. Being equipped with a breech-loading firearm, like a Sharps or a Henry, a solider would have a huge advantage on the battlefield. They would be able to fire multiple rounds down range while engaging multiple targets.

A must have item for a military weapon, firearm or Civil War collector.
Table of Contents >> Historical >> Civil War Important >>
Item #110429Price: $3,495.00Add to Cart
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