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PMG AU-53 Cape Henlopen "Lighthouse" Issue Note
Pennsylvania. March 25, 1775. Four Shillings. Plate B. Second Cape Henlopen "Lighthouse" Issue. Net graded. PMG About Uncirculated-53.
Fr. PA-171. Only a mere 3,000 notes were printed, of which a mere 1,500 would carry plate Letter "B." Net graded for stated: foreign substance (which is apparently invisible to the naked eye). The historic Cape Henlopen Lighthouse guided vessels from the Atlantic Ocean into the Delaware Bay for more than 150 years before collapsing in April 1926.

Built in 1767 with money raised from a series of lotteries in Philadelphia, the lighthouse was made of stone brought down from the Brandywine River north of Wilmington, Del., near the Pennsylvania border.

The tower was 26 feet in diameter, 6 feet thick at the base, 69 feet, 3 inches tall, and 17 feet, 6 inches in diameter and 3 feet thick at the top. It was built on the north side of the Great Dune, 46 feet above sea level, to obtain additional height.

Because the dune moved 3 to 5 feet a year, it eventually claimed the lighthouse. When it collapsed, it is said many local residents went to the site to collect the stone for fireplaces and chimneys.

Before the collapse, though, the tower had been discontinued as a lighthouse. Earlier in 1924, the lens was removed from the light for refurbishing and to be placed on display. With the building of the Brandywine Light, waiting areas were no longer needed behind the breakwaters, so the light was disabled.

These notes were issued for the construction costs for Cape Henlopen Lighthouse and piers and buoys for the Delaware Bay. An engraving of the lighthouse as it looked at the time is on the reverse.

Table of Contents >> Colonial Currency >> Pennsylvania Currency >>
Item #104803Price: $495.00Add to Cart
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