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1778 British Commander in Chief in America from 1776 until 1778 General Sir William Howe - Engraved Portrait
May 10, 1778-Dated Revolutionary War Period, Engraved Portrait of the historic British Revolutionary War General Sir William Howe, Fine.
Sir William Howe, British commander in chief in America from 1776 until 1778. Original famous historic Engraved Mezzotint Portrait with legend reading: "The Hon.ble. Sr. Wm. Howe, - Knight of the Bath, & Commander in Chief of his Majesty's Forces in America. -- London, Publish'd as the Act directs, 10 May 1778, by John Morris, Rathbone Place." This impressive, boldly printed portrait measures 9.5" x 14.5" and is trimmed to the outer plate margin edge. There are a few trivial repaired splits with conservation materials and has somewhat frayed, chipped edges at top and its left margin with evidence of a previous mounting on the blank verso. This impression is a very dark early pull of this well-known and highly sought after Mezzotint Engraving.

Sir William Howe's portrait shows a little rough, yet will display nicely once either trimmed and/or properly matted and framed for display. It shows his three-quarter length portrait in military uniform facing front, and looking to right. His right elbow resting on masonry; a stone fortification on right with cannon. Howe displays his large chest ribbon and star decoration, fancy military uniform, sword and cocked hat, with powdered hair tied at the nape. In the background there are battlements with cannon. Beneath the title is an engraved legend: "Knight of the Bath, & Commander in Chief of his Majesty's Forces in America.' 1778."
William Howe, 5th Viscount Howe, KB, PC (10 August 1729 " 12 July 1814) was a British army officer who rose to become Commander-in-Chief of British forces during the American War of Independence. Howe was one of three brothers who enjoyed distinguished military careers.

Having joined the army in 1746, Howe saw extensive service in the War of the Austrian Succession and Seven Years' War. He became known for his role in the capture of Quebec in 1759 when he led a British force to capture the cliffs at Anse-au-Foulon, allowing James Wolfe to land his army and engage the French, in the Battle of the Plains of Abraham. Howe also participated in the campaigns to take Louisbourg, Belle le and Havana.

Howe was sent to North America in March 1775, arriving in May after the Revolutionary War broke out. After leading British troops to a costly victory in the Battle of Bunker Hill, Howe took command of all British forces in America from Thomas Gage in September of that year. Howe's record in North America was marked by the successful capture of both New York City and Philadelphia. However, poor British campaign planning for 1777 contributed to the failure of John Burgoyne's Saratoga campaign, which played a major role in the entry of France into the war. Howe's role in developing those plans, and the degree to which he was responsible for British failures that year (despite his personal success at Philadelphia) have been a subject of contemporary and historic debate.

He resigned his post as Commander in Chief, North America, in 1778, and returned to England, where he was at times active in the defense of the British Isles. He served for many years in Parliament, and was knighted after his successes in 1776. He inherited the Viscountcy of Howe upon the death of his brother Richard in 1799. He married, but had no children, and the viscountcy was extinguished with his death in 1814.
Table of Contents >> Historical >> American Revolution >>
Item #104724Price: $1,995.00Add to Cart
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