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Rare Revolutionary War Engraving of George Washington
371578641294 c. 1780 American Revolutionary War Period, General George Washington Portrait, Engraving of "Generaal de Noord-Americaanen," by Vinkeles, After Peale, Choice Extremely Fine.
A fine quality Engraved Portrait of George Washington by Reiner Vinkeles after Peale showing his Bust facing left, dressed in his military uniform, as if a painting within a decorative frame, hung upon a wall. Beneath, a base on which is title and upon which lies a hat, baton and olive branch. A curtain hangs over and conceals the upper left corner of frame. It reads, in full:

"G. Washington, - Generaal Der Noord-Americaanen. - Rein r. Vinkles, sculp. Naar Enn Original. Schildery, by Den Wel Ed. Heer P Van Winter, Nic : z."

Its dimensions are, Image Size: 5" h. x 3.5" w. Overall Sheet Size: 6.5" h. x 4.25" w. Tghis original period print is in excellent condition, very clean and sharply printed upon the proper laid paper. References: Hart (56, p. 29) Baker (39), Boglewood (1306, Version II). A lovely example with excellent eye appeal that is perfect for display.
Table of Contents >> Historical >> Washington Related >>
Item #104141Price: $695.00Add to Cart
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