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Collection of Six Historic "War of 1812" Letters
August 1812 to December 11, 1817, Six Letters to Lieutenant (then Captain) John O'Connor, average Very Fine.
These six War of 1812 Period letters range in size from 10" x 8" to 12.75" x 8". The most intriguing letter in this small archive is War-dated, August 13, 1812, Canandaigua (NY) [Headquarters] letter from a "Major J. R. Mullany". It reads in part:

"Cutthroat's dead and buried. Sorry ceremonie... William's father is after him, he says he ran away from him, or course being under age he's at your risque..."

The rest of the letters detail financial transactions with the "Day Masters General's Office, City of Washington, DC" and "Department of War, Accountants Office," discuss a muster roll's verification, and speak of minor military appointments. Integral envelopes with manuscript "Public Service - 9" Postal markings add to this group's value.

Quite fascinating content which should be reviewed by interested collectors. This lot also accompanied by a 7.5" x 5.5" Civil War era engraved print of "J.R. Madison Mullany". J.R. Mullany was the father of James Robert Madison Mullany, later a Rear Admiral in the United States Navy and a famous figure of the Civil War. (7 items)
Table of Contents >> Historical >> War of 1812 >>
Item #10366Price: $1,495.00Add to Cart
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