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Commodore Nutt & Miss Minnie Warren Carte De Visite
c. 1863 Civil War Period, Carte De Visite Photograph of Commodore George Washington Morrison Nutt and Miss Minnie Warren, from Brady Negative, Choice Very Fine.
Original 1863 Carte De Visite photograph picturing "Commodore Nutt & Miss Minnie Warren. Groomsman & Bridesmaid." It measures approx 2-1/2" x 4". Published by E & H.T. Anthony of New York. From Photographic Negative by Brady. Minor wear includng a corner stain as seen. This photograph is from the wedding of Tom Thumb and Lavinia Warren, where Nutt served as a groomsman.
Mathew B.Brady (1823-1896) was an American photographer best known for his photographic chronicle of the Civil War. He learned to make daguerreotypes from Samuel F.B. Morse.

In 1844 he opened the first of two studios in New York City and began photographing famous people, including Daniel Webster, Edgar Allan Poe, and Henry Clay. In 1847 he opened a studio in Washington, D.C., and there created, copied, and collected portraits of American presidents. He achieved international fame with his "Gallery of Illustrious Americans" (1850).

In 1861 he set out to make a complete record of the American Civil War with a staff of more than 20 photographers, including Timothy H. O'Sullivan and Alexander Gardner. He probably photographed the battles of Bull Run, Antietam, and Gettysburg himself.
Table of Contents >> Historical >> Civil War CDVs >>
Item #103070Price: $295.00Add to Cart
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