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1865 Autograph Letter by an Officer of the 21st U.S. Colored Troops Lamenting Abe Lincoln's Assassination
May 3, 1865-Dated Civil War Period, Autograph Letter Signed by an Officer of the 21st U. S. Colored Troops, Lamenting the Good News of Peace being Overwhelmed by the Sad News of Lincoln's Assassination, Very Fine.
An original and poignant Manuscript Letter, measuring 7.75" x 9.75", 2 pages, sent from Mount Pleasant, South Carolina from Lieutenant A.B. Ashley of the 21st United States Colored Troops, to his sister Ella. He is part of the Army of Occupation at the end of the Civil War, arranging transportation home for troops and supplies. This was the type of work often assigned to the "Colored" regiments made up of former Slaves and Free Black men. After some notes on his work, Lieutenant Ashley writes of the good news of the Wars end being overwhelmed by the sad news of President Abraham Lincoln's assassination. He mentions the "banners of liberty" flying at half mast from the many war ships and other vessels in the harbor as joyful news arrives... rejoicing and mourning, national salutes are fired before and after the "distress guns" are fired at intervals of 30 minutes. We should rejoice at the "soon coming," but all news has a "cheerless cast". A choice quality Letter, well written and easily readable upon clean fresh period wove light blue lined paper, of significant historic and Black History content.
Table of Contents >> Historical >> Abraham Lincoln Related >>
Item #102734Price: $1,195.00Add to Cart
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