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c. 1770 Roster of "not the Sons of Peace Mass. Document
c. 1770, Manuscript Document, Lancaster, Massachusetts, Sons of Peace Name Roster, About 40 Named Members, Fine.
An original Manuscript Document, no date, possibly from the Goss and Walley War Period, 3.75" x 6" some scattered tone. Being a list of about 40 names below the text, "We are not for the above peace." Top of page reads, "We the Subscribers, Inhabitants of the Second Parish in Lancaster, Massachusetts ourselves Sons of Peace - We comply with the Exhortation of the Council, & desire the Parish may be in peace & quietness." Strange that the list is of those who do not want Peace. Docketed on back, "not the Sons of Peace." Upper left corner repaired, folds. Extraordinary. The very first such example we have encountered.
The Goss and Walley war, so named from the two clergymen forced to become rivals in a contest, just before the Revolutionary War. It was born of the temper of the times, and John and Asa Whetcomb were the prime exponents of that temper in the eastern part of Worcester county. The revolt against the autocratic claims of the clergy, in which the Whetcombs were leaders, was but an episode, a bubbling over of the boiling wrath against political tyranny. The radicals took up the Puritan cry "no bishops," because they dared not yet shout their war-cry "no king." It was the first separation of the Loyalists and the Patriots in the Lancaster area. Family groups separated, some Loyalists left their homes, others were removed from their church parishes.
Table of Contents >> Historical >> Colonial America >>
Item #102471Price: $1,995.00Add to Cart
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