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Rare 1932 Lindbergh Baby "$25,000 Reward" Broadside
1932-Dated, Original Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping, "$25,000 Reward" Printed Broadside, Signed in Print by New Jersey State Police Colonel H. N. Schwarzkopf (General Norman Schwarzkopf's Father), Choice Crisp Near Mint.
This is an original 1932, Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping, Official Printed Police "$25,000 Reward" Broadside, folded for mailing and otherwise in crisp fresh Mint condition. This very rare, impressive quality, large original Broadside measures 27" x 17" and is titled:

"$25,000 Reward! - For Information Resulting in the Apprehension and Conviction of the Kidnapers - Of Charles A. Lindbergh, Jr."

This large Broadside is printed in black upon light tan period paper. It has a complete listing of the Serial Numbers on the Currency used to pay the Ransom for the Recovery of the Lindbergh's Baby. Issued by the U.S. Government Printing Office in 1932. The Broadside lists all of the $5, $10, and $20 notes by serial number. The main contact person, should any of this currency be discovered was Colonel H. N. Schwarzkopf, Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police (whose son is General Norman Schwarzkopf of "Desert Storm" fame). Folded as mailed (no envelope) having premium quality for this large item. A classic and important piece of historical Prints and Criminal Americana, also associated with early Small Size Currency issues paid in Ransom. This remarkable example will look superb properly framed on display.
On March 1, 1932, the Lindbergh's infant son was kidnapped from their home. A ransom was paid and the child was found dead. After a much-ballyhooed "Trial of the Century," the government convicted Bruno Hauptmann of Murder and Executed him in 1936.
Table of Contents >> Americana >> Historic Americana >>
Item #101192Price: $1,295.00Add to Cart
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