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Outstanding Theodore Roosevelt Original Political Cartoon "The Critter Lacks Control !" By Illustrator Robert Carter
c. 1916, Large Original Artwork Drawn in Ink, "Theodore Roosevelt" Political Cartoon Signed, "Robert Carter" as Drawn by the Artist Illustrator Robert Carter, Choice Very Fine.

The original Artwork Political Cartoon offered here was drawn for the New York Evening Sun sometime about 1916. It measures a large 18" x 23" being Hand-Drawn in Black Ink upon heavy artist paper. The cartoon showing a "Bull Moose" snorting down upon the city of Chicago, with Theodore Roosevelt, wearing his famous Rough Riders army uniform, viewing the events from a distance from his home in Oyster Bay, New York. Signed "Robert Carter" at lower left and a Legend penciled at bottom center reading, "The Critter Lacks Control !" Some mild soiling, mostly at edges, and a small spot between the Moose's hind feet, overall bold and exciting.

This Artwork represents Roosevelt's losing control of the Progressive Party which he founded in 1912. The Party would almost entirely disintegrate by 1916, with most members, including Roosevelt, reverting to Republican. Roosevelt struck out on his own and formed the first Progressive Party, saying he was as fit as a Bull Moose, from which came the colloquial name "Bull Moose Party." His platform called for tariff reform, stricter regulation of industrial combinations, women's suffrage, prohibition of child labor, and other "Progressive" reforms.

The new party nominated Roosevelt for President and Hiram Johnson for Vice President. Although the Progressives finished well ahead of Republicans in the election, they lost to the Democratic candidate, Woodrow Wilson. When Roosevelt returned to the Republican fold in 1916, the Progressive Party vanished for a time. A great item for display.

Robert Carter (c. 1874-1918) was a Chicago-born cartoonist who did political work for several publications. His obituary in the New York Times reads in part: "Mr. Carter, whose best work was in a serious vein, had been employed by newspapers in New York, Chicago, Boston, and Philadelphia. His individuality in presenting his subjects earned him a national reputation."
Table of Contents >> Americana >> Political >>
Item #101143Price: $1,495.00Add to Cart
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