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Set of Two "Commodore Truxton" Enameled Polychrome Porcelain and Brass Beautiful Tie Backs / Mirror Supports
c. 1800 Post Revolutionary War, Federal Period. Matched Set of Two. "Commodore Truxton" Enameled Polychrome Porcelain and Brass Tie Backs / Mirror Supports. Choice Extremely Fine.
Commodore Thomas Truxton was Awarded a Congressional Gold Medal on March 29, 1800 for great service to his country. This is a beautiful, Extremely Rare, Matched Pair of "Commodore Truxton" Enameled Porcelain and Brass Tie Backs or Mirror Supports, England, with eye popping colorful Polychrome Enameled Transfer decorated Enamel Portrait Bust of Commodore Truxton, measuring 1 7/8" in diameter, housed within a decorative round Brass Frame, measuring to about 2" in diameter, the original 3" long extended screw ends being intact and appear ready for use.

The two inner Enameled Polychrome Porcelain portions of "Commodore Truxton" are virtually perfect and near Mint New in quality, being fresh and bright with rich strong colors. The Brass shell frame has some minor expected deeper tone spotting from its age and actual use.

Commodore Thomas Truxton was the victorious commander of the U.S.S. Constellation, which defeated the French National frigates L'Insurgent and Vengeance in 1799 and 1800, respectively. On a rare occasion one might find a single example being offered from some important collection.

It is by far an Extremely Rare opportunity to be offered a "Museum" Quality, full original Matched Set of Two "Commodore Truxton" Enameled Polychrome Porcelains. This is the very finest set we have seen and offered. (2 items).

Thomas Truxtun (or Truxton) (February 17, 1755 " May 5, 1822) was an American Naval Officer who rose to the rank of Commodore.

Born near Hempstead, New York on Long Island, Truxtun had little formal education before joining the crew of the British merchant ship Pitt at the age of twelve. By the time he was twenty, however, his talents had garnered him the command of his own vessel, the Andrew Caldwell. He operated as a Privateer during the American Revolutionary War, Commanding several Naval Ships: Congress, Independence, Mars and St. James. Truxtun was highly successful in capturing enemy ships during this period, not once suffering a defeat.

After the war he returned to the merchant marine, where he remained for twelve years, and in 1786 commanded one of the very First American ships to engage in trade with China, the "Canton," operating from Philadelphia.

Truxtun was appointed captain in the United States Navy in 1794, and during the Quasi-War with France was in command of the USS Constellation. Previously, he had overseen its construction with Silas Talbot, and, after a rank dispute, was placed in charge of the ship by President Washington. He was promoted to commodore and met with considerable success.

His victories, perhaps most notably that over the French vessel L'Insurgente, made Truxtun a hero of the time. Consequently, he was awarded a Congressional Gold Medal on March 29, 1800, becoming the eighth recipient of that body's "highest expression of national appreciation for distinguished achievements and contributions."

During this period, however, Truxtun was involved in a dispute over rank with Richard Dale. Truxtun took command of the warship USS President for a few months in 1800, soon after retiring from the Navy and locating first in Perth Amboy, New Jersey and later in Philadelphia. He was offered command during the First Barbary War in 1801 but refused, settling firmly into retirement.

He ran an unsuccessful campaign for the United States House of Representatives in 1810, and in 1816 was elected sheriff of Philadelphia County, serving a four-year term. He also published several books, well-known at the time, covering navigation and naval tactics. He is buried at Christ Church Burial Ground. (From Wikipedia)
Table of Contents >> Historical >> War of 1812 >>
Item #101032Price: $3,995.00Add to Cart
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