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1789 George Washington Inaugural Button
(1789) George Washington Inaugural Button, "LONG LIVE THE PRESIDENT" with Dotted Script "GW". Cobb 10. WHB.11A. RAU.WI.9A. DeW.GW1789.2. Brass. No Shank. Full Brockage Reverse. Unique "Altered Use." About Fine.
97.3 grns. 34mm. Cobb 10. WHB.11A. RAU.WI.9A. DeW.GW1789.2. This "Altered Use" George Washington Inaugural Button has a distinct brockage within its blank reverse. This feature is a mirror image of the design from the front side of the button, that has been impressed on the opposite side. It is a deep charcoal-brown in color with overall even surface porosity. Its original shank was removed and twin small holes were created at center. A unique "Altered Use" feature has the outer rims hand-cut into 36 distinct small sharp pointed edges. It appears a possible use was as a child's toy called a "whizzer" or a whirligig, where a string was placed through the holes and the button or coin was wound up. When you pulled the two ends of the strings the coin or coin would spin making a "whizzing" sound. The central large "GW" in large Dotted Script Letters at center is mostly visible upon both sides. "LONG LIVE THE PRESIDENT" is partially seen in its large raised block style letters around the outer edge border. The small 6-Pointed Star encircled by 10 dots at the bottom is simply too rough to be seen on the obverse, yet is quite clearly seen within the smoother Brockage on the reverse. This major George Washington Inaugural Button type appears illustrated in its standard form as a lot sold in the historic Stack's Cobb Collection Sale of January 21, 2003, where another, graded Extremely Fine, sold for $17,000 hammer price, then being a record price for this type that still stands to this day.
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Item #100356Price: $2,995.00Add to Cart
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