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Civil War Archive of Richard F. Andrews - 2nd Lieutenant of Company I 36th United States Colored Infantry Officer

c. 1863 USCT Civil War Era, United States Colored Troops Related, Extensive Document Archive Includes Fifteen (15) Military Documents, Postal Covers and Letters of an Officer.

Extensive, historic Collection and Archive consisting of primarily Civil War Dated items belonging to a White Officer who was attached to a Black Unit. This Black Unit Civil War Soldier's Archive includes Fifteen (15) Various Military Documents, Postal Covers and Letters pertaining to Richard F. Andrews.

Andrews was a White twenty-seven year old shoemaker from Lynn, Massachusetts, who was mustered into the Union Army, Co. C of the 1st Massachusetts Heavy Artillery. He was Discharged for Promotion on November 12, 1864, at that time becoming a 2nd Lieutenant of Company I, in the 36th United States COLORED Infantry. He was twice promoted in this Colored Regiment, becoming a Captain in February of 1865 and was quickly Brevet Major in March of 1865. His African-American Civil War Memorial Plaque number is C-51.

This Remarkable Soldier's Archive includes these (5) "Core" items, as listed below and much more:

1. March 19, 1863 War-date Document Signed by Colonel Thomas R. Tannatt (1833-1913 - served with the 4th US Light Artillery, 16th Mass Infy and 1st Mass Heavy Arty, being the Appointment for Richard F. Andrews to Corporal of the 14th Heavy Artillery (designated 1st Mass. Heavy Artillery), 1 page. oblong folio, Fort Albany, Virginia, Very Fine.

2. January 4, 1864 War-date Discharge for Andrews from the 1st Mass. Heavy Artillery, 1 page, quarto, at Arlington, Virginia, signed by an ADC. Near Fine.

3. March 6, 1864 War-date Appointment for Andrews as Sergeant of the 1st Mass Hvy Arty, Fort Whipple, Va., Signed by Colonel Tannatt, Very Fine.

4. September 30, 1864 War-date letter by Richard Andrews, while in hospital, telling his wife that he "was wounded yesterday forenoon by a minnie ball, while advancing on Richmond... the men were slaughtered... it fractured my whole leg... the ball struck me right in the knee then glanced up about eight inches and lodged..." Incomplete, but with great war content.

5. February 1, 1865 War-date Muster-in Roll for Andrews, whom it says was enrolled by "Maj. Genl. Butler" 1 page, oblong folio, Signed by Captain Jeremiah Remington, 89th New York Infantry. Plus...

Various Postwar Documents, envelopes, and papers pertaining to his wife's claim on Captain Andrews pension. A nice grouping of US Colored Troops related material directly connected to thier White officer. (Archive of 15 Items )
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